Thoughts: Persona 5

The soundtrack is REALLY good. I mean, there were a few days there where it was the only thing I was listening to at work. Unfortunately it isn't available to buy on the Australian iTunes and I'm not paying $80 to import the CD, so I just illegally downloaded it. Fuck em.

My first impressions were immediately soured because the PlayStation share button was completely disabled, which meant no awesome screenshots. Persona 5 is one of the most stylish games I've ever seen, so not being able to take screenshots of everything was tough for me. I love taking screenshots during games. Actually, I would really love to do some kind of video game sightseeing/tourist blog series. Anyway, Atlus sucks, and their reason for blocking the share feature in-game is stupid (*spoilers* it's because of spoilers).

Overall, I don't think I enjoy the game. I'm about 30 hours in at the moment and halfway through the third palace. The turn based combat isn't engaging and none of the characters are particularly interesting to me which means that all the social link stuff feel more like a chore than anything. If it's 70 more hours of that, then I'll pass, thanks.

I've made my peace with Persona 5 and don't think I'll end up finishing it. I'll just sit here jamming to that rad OST.